Founders message

Dear patrons,

I am glad to inform about the introduction of our new web site. I, K.A.Hameed, behalf of staff and management of Action Builders Construction group welcome you all to our services. The company portfolio of services is as a result of continuous request from our clients and supporters to full- fill their requirements in everyday business life. Over the past few years, we’ve made significant technology advancements and market changes within the life technology research and technical diagnostics segments. Our core technology is well poised to provide important solutions to the emerging customers.

We are offering a very wide range of products and services to combat the technical deficiency in UAE market in a very economically viable way.

Thanks for visiting us and we are presenting you our portfolios as well as promising you more services in near future to comply with the cutting edge technologies in the UAE markets.

Kindly visit our divisions and find your appropriate products and services that match your criterion.

If you are in search of any specific requirement which you cannot find in our website, please feel free to contact us with your requirements so that our technical team can advise you to resolve it.

Once again, Thank you very much for visiting us now and I am wishing all the people associated with Action Builders Construction the best in the future.

Yours truly,

Managing Director
Action Builders Construction L.L.C